Are you re-careering? Looking for direction in life, art, OR work?

Let’s spend some time together and find your north star and plan the journey ahead. Navigation consists of directed conversation, guided inquiry, collaborative brainstorming, and facilitated mind-wandering.

Navigation WILL HELP YOU:

  • Articulate a clear vision of your personal ambition and motivation

  • Identify, prototype, and prioritize a variety of means to pursue and achieve that ambition while receiving and preserving personal vitality

  • Select a direction ahead and create a plan to realize your goals.


I generally charge $200 an hour for stand-alone Navigation sessions of one or two hours.

However, I find that engaging in a complete Navigation Program is the most effective means to finding your way. The Navigation Program consists of approximately five sessions of two hour face-to-face consulting sessions.

The Navigation Program costs $1,985.

If you are interested and want to know more or would like to book a Navigation Program for yourself, click the big button below.



Working with Corey was truly a life-changing experience. As a mid-career professional, I was stuck in a job that I didn't enjoy and had no desire to seek similar positions with other organizations. Somewhere along the way, I lost touch with myself and fell adrift. Most motivational speakers or life coaches will tell you to 'follow your passion'. That can be very dangerous advice and can also be especially frustrating for those of us who don't know what our passion is. Corey helped me navigate towards a new path in a thoughtful and practical way. Through using various methods, he helped me bring forth a level of creativity and clarity that I hadn't experienced in many years. These techniques revealed several insights and critical truths and I was able to identify my deepest ambitions and motivations. I now have tools that I can use moving forward, as I embark down this new path. It was an awesome experience and I wholeheartedly recommend Corey's Navigation process for those who feel stuck and can't figure out the next step in their career.

—Aaron, Hopsital Administrator


Navigation gave me a framework to think through where I want to take my professional life and how I can get there. The process was organic, emerging out of who I am and what my values are. Corey is the real deal - he ‘gets it.’ There’s a lot of research and real world experience – and a dose of magic – behind this highly personalized work that connects his clients to their dreams.

—JR, Religious Leader