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I am a strategist, anthropologist and futurist with over 20 years experience providing clarity and direction to clients and partners of all kinds.  As VP of Adaptive Strategies at Fiction, I generate, manage and work on projects with large corporations, universities and startups to help them envision and enact human-centered communication and innovation.


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Imagination in Action


Selected Projects


I've worked on products, campaigns, and projects of all kinds. Whether you need to imagine and enact your near future, prototype a product, or devise an effective experience, my services provide clarity and direction.


The Alchemy of Wasted Time

The Alchemy of Wasted Time is a framework - a way to organize your life and your work to allow for more arts and humanities, experimentation, and day dreaming. By so doing, we can ensure a human future. 


Enacting 2020 now

Pearson Education’s Humanities and Social Science team aspires to devise and offer educational experiences that leverage today’s - and tomorrow's - best technologies.  Consequently, they invited me to their 2016 editorial retreat in order to workshop, document, and build a team to prototype Pearson’s digital near future. 


Science Fiction Studio

Arizona State University asked me to create and direct Science Fiction Studio (SFS), a new on-campus and online course. The class encompasses storytelling and prototyping, workshop methods, and team management methods. SFS was taught in the classroom and is now being tooled for online delivery.

Sustainable Harvest Farmer App

Coffee importers Sustainable Harvest needed an app to deliver educational content to coffee farmers in remote locations in the Americas and Africa. We built a team to strategize and design the experience and test this in the field with Peruvian coffee farmers. I also presented the product at coffee industry events.

Selected Experiments

As an imagination professional, I believe it is essential to spend a portion of one's career engaging in experiments. What better way to explore possibilities, investigate hunches and satisfy curiosities?



Edible Metadata

What does a piece of art taste like? How might we use metadata to connect two sensual experiences? We tried to answer these questions in conjunction with the Portland Art Museum and The Morgan Street Theatre. As part of an Edible Art History event, we generated metadata for a work of art; a chef created a desert inspired by that metadata, connecting the artwork to desert via a data bridge. Yum!


Poetry for Robots

Poetry for Robots is a digital humanities experiment in metadata and human-computer interaction. Conducted with help from Webvisions and Arizona State University, I conceived, designed and conducted this experiment. I've evangelized the results at conferences, at Google, and in the international press including The Guardian, Motherboard and Huffington Post.


Cornbread is an iOS app that allows you to create beautiful digital messages and drop them wherever you are - a lake, a city street, your favorite restaurant. Discover and experience crumbs dropped by your friends, followers and creative strangers.  Think social media meets Pokémon GO.

Selected Words


In addition to creating brand and marketing language for clients, I've published chapters, articles, and fictions on topics ranging from digital books, the future of work, and the history, psychology, and sociology of our digital moment.   



Imaginary papers

Imaginary Papers is a Medium publication edited by Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination. As a co-founder of the Imaginary Papers publication, I help solicit and edit contributions that focus on our mission to ‘make, dream and share a better future.’ I regularly contribute thought pieces and occasional design fictions to the publication.

Digital Paratext

Post-Book Paratext: Designing for Haptic Harmony is the final chapter in the IGI reference volume Examining Paratextual Theory and its Applications in Digital Culture. The chapter is regularly assigned in university digital humanities classes.


Corey is a tremendously imaginative, thoughtful and energetic collaborator. He combines those talents with polished project management, communication and implementation skills, making him an invaluable partner at every stage from ideation to execution.
— Dr. Ed Finn, Director of the Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University
My team had a complex problem to solve: How do we conceptualize, articulate, and prioritize a wide range of future-facing business strategies into one coherent vision plan. Corey helped turn what otherwise could have been a disparate list of half-ideas into a plan that felt compelling and actionable. The workshop he ran was fun, creative, and oriented around a methodology focused on problem-solving and realistic outcomes.
— Billy J. Grieco, Senior Acquisitions Editor, Pearson Education

Where I'm Coming from

As a long time business owner in the digital space, I have rich experience in creating real connections with clients and colleagues. As an Adaptive Strategist, I call on my anthropological perspective and a decade of considering and designing the user experience. 

Designing experience requires empathy and imagination - the same characteristics that allow a trust-based management style and growth mindset amongst team members. This is my objective and mission.

presenting ideas

I have taught college courses and presented ideas about our evolving digital landscape at conferences as presentations and keynotes. Venues include:

  • Google UXU 
  • Digital Book World
  • Elevating Impact Summit
  • Lewis & Clark College